The game of dice or craps – the game is quite ancient. It is difficult to name the exact date of its appearance. Scientists believe that craps originated on the basis of the game Hazard. But we can say with certainty – this game is very popular. Throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of people are addicted to this game. And many play professionally. There are tournaments for this game.

Previously, craps were mostly played by people in England. Later, craps “migrated” to America and other countries of the world. The rules for craps were different. At the beginning of the XIX century, John Winn developed a common for all system of the game. It is still relevant today.

The essence of the game is to throw the cubes in the right position. You bet on the result of throwing two dice. Craps has won world fame, because he has simple rules. And dice rolls take a minimum of time.

The most important thing is to master the game. Before you begin to play, be sure to thoroughly read the rules of the game. At first glance, the game seems easy and understandable. But in craps, only the terminology can confuse you, not to mention the rather complicated layout of the table. Next, make sure you have an idea of your future strategy. Study everything in advance and build your strategy, and then stick to it. Existing craps strategies only slightly increase the chances of success. Everything is in the hands of fortune. Accept the fact that this is a mathematical game. The Odds bet (probability) may not be the most interesting, but the safest. The casino house will not have a technical advantage over your game. Many pros in Craps are advised to stick to this rate, until you have accumulated a sufficient amount of winnings. Set the allowable limits for you to lose and win. It is recommended to establish in advance and the acceptable size of the loss, so as not to lose all your money. It is not worth chasing huge gains. When playing craps, never put on each throw – this will only increase the amount of money spent.

The best advice for those who play craps is to analyze what is happening, not to fall into superstition.

Before playing for real money, practice on the free dice game. Free games now provide almost any online casino.