Since the creation and until today, casinos attract players. In the US, more than a quarter of the country’s population visit the gaming house every year. So they became so popular. Many of them are considered the best. Many believe that such “giants” as in Las Vegas are nowhere else to be found. However, it is not.

In Atlantic City is one of the largest casinos in the world. It’s about an institution called Borgata. Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists, despite the economic crisis, visit this place in the hope of getting rich, and just have a great time. Its structure includes not only gaming halls, but also comfortable restaurants, a concert hall, as well as several nightclubs. This casino is the most profitable in the city.

No wonder, but the largest casino in Europe is located in the capital of Portugal. It is called Lisboa. And it belongs to a billionaire from Hong Kong. The area of 82 000 square meters also allowed to install 260 tables where you can play poker.

It is also worth highlighting the entertainment facilities in the territory of Macau. For this city has long been entrenched a second name – “Oriental” or “Asian” Las Vegas. Some adventurers began to prefer his dear heart to Las Vegas. Macao is the only place in China where gambling is officially permitted. Thirty-three gambling establishments function here. Among them are several casinos that are on the list of the largest:


Sands Macao;

Ponte 16;

City of Dreams;


All of the casinos listed above boast huge squares. ¬†And also by the presence of a whole complex aimed at amusing expensive guests. It’s not just gambling halls and vending machines, but also hotels, spas, bars and restaurants.

The largest at the moment is the Venetian casino. But, according to experienced experts in the field of architecture, this does not mean that in the next five years he will still be able to maintain the palm of primacy. Indeed, today in the gaming area of Macau, the growth of entertainment institutions of this kind continues.

Everyone knows that in Las Vegas is the largest number of different casinos. And one of the biggest among them is the MGM Grand. The total area of this establishment is 85 500 square meters. There are 140 gaming tables where you can win a large sum. To win, will have to fight with 2,500 “one-armed bandits.”