A big Thanks! to Deb Bickford, president of the MAEA, her Westbrook HS colleague Matt Johnson and their National Art Honor Society students Abby St. Clair, Jenessa Corbett and President Trina Sayed. All five have been hard at work designing and creating the 16 county signs that will be up on 8-foot posts behind each table at the Hall of Flags on March 24th.

DSC_0073 (1)

 Trina Sayed, 2016 Westbrook High School NAHS President

The beautiful signs show each county’s distinctive shape enlarged against a handpainted background, and also its place within the shape of the state.


 The county by county organization of the tables at this year’s Advocacy Day is only one part of MAAE’s focus on arts education for students in the whole state. The length and breadth of the state will also be represented by student lobbyists coming to speak one-on-one with their legislators from every county, and in some cases from every house and senate district in that county. If you haven’t yet registered, join us, and if you’re an arts teacher let us know about a student who might want to attend! The form for registering your interest is http://eepurl.com/bLE54n

The student lobbying begins at 9:30 am. Our program of speakers and student performances in the Hall of Flags will take place between noon and 1 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information contact Susan Potters at spotters@maineartsed.org.