While arts educators are the backbone of a strong school arts education program, students and teachers alike benefit from meaningful contact with professional artists – those who come to the school, those whose art the students may experience in field trips, and those whose art the students may be assisted to experience during non-school hours. The organization, logistics and funding support for all of this enrichment can take considerable time, and it is not always easy. The Arts Enrichment Nuts and Bolts section of our MAAE website will be devoted to helping with those challenges and also to finding the people who have both the willingness to take them on and may have more time than busy teachers.

In the coming weeks we will begin to post this information on the Nuts and Bolts website page. We welcome and will post your ideas and tips as well. Let us know what has worked for you at your school. We also want to hear about your problems and questions. Please send it all to me at spotters@maineartsed.org. For more extended help, MAAE members can call our “help desk”… which is 207 439-3169. We look forward to speaking with you!