Thank You For A Fantastic Week Of Uplifting Arts Education in Maine!

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Thank you to Hanna Flewelling for the logos and media for the event!


Thank You To All Of Our “State of the Arts” Panelists!

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Lynda Leonas, Visual Art Educator & President of the Maine Art Education Association (MAEA)


Emma Campbell, Dance Educator at Thornton Academy


Sandy Barry, Music Educator& President of the Maine Music Educators Association (MMEA)


Kailey Smith, Theater Educator & with the Maine Drama Council & Maine Educational Theatre Association

Maine Arts Commission (MAC)

Martha Piscuskas, Director of Arts Education

Maine Department of Education (MDOE)

Jason Anderson, Interdisciplinary Instruction Team Coordinator

Maine Arts Education Partners in Leadership (MAEPL)

Iva Damon, Visual Art Educator & Program Team Leader

Melissa Birkhold, Music Educator & Vision Team Leader

Maine Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE)

Kaitlin Young, Music Educator & Executive Director


Thank You To Presenting Members Of The SLG: Delia, Madison, Tyler, & Michaela!

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Click the links below to view different parts of the “Voices of the Future” Session.We will be posting the full video the students shared  soon! 



Part 1: A Brief History of the Student Leadership Group & Introduction of Presenting SLG Members


Part 2: Session Overview then the SLG shares about “Creative Outlet & Expression” and “Leadership” through the arts.


Part 3: The SLG shares about career paths in the arts, how the arts are “making a comeback” in schools, and play the final part of the video they created.


Part 4: The SLG engages attendees using the Slido Application, and shares about the feelings that they experience when participating in the arts.


Part 5: The SLG wraps up the session with a conversation about the ways that people can embrace the arts and show their support for arts education in their communities.


Thank You To Everyone Who Participated In The “Arts Education Celebration Day!”


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“Arts Education Celebration Day” Introduction & Welcome 

MAAE Executive Director, Kaitlin Young, Kicks Off The 2022 “Arts Education Celebration Day!”


Keynote Speaker: Actor & Arts Advocate John Lithgow 

Following an introduction from SLG Member Colette, John Lithgow shares about his life experiences with the arts and his time working as the co-chair of the Commission On The Arts. In September 2021, the commission released a comprehensive arts education advocacy document titled “Art For Life’s Sake: A Case For Arts Education.”  Following John’s remarks he answers questions from attendees in a conversation with arts education director from the Maine Arts Commission, Martha Piscuskas.

Click Here To Learn More About the Commission On The Arts &  “Art for Life’s Sake: A Case for Arts Education” 


Panel Conversation: Student Leadership Group 

Following an introduction, Madison and Colette, members of the Student Leadership Group, share about their experiences as current arts students in Maine and the importance of student voice in arts advocacy efforts.

Click Here To Learn More About How You Can Start A Student Arts Advocacy Team At Your School


Musical Performance: Hermon High School Steel Pan Band 

Members of the Hermon High School Steel Pan Band, from Hermon Maine, perform an arrangement of “Let’s Get Loud” led by their director John Kollman.  View this performance and others recorded for the “Arts Education Celebration Day” by clicking the song titles below. 

Let’s Get Loud”



“All Is Yours”

“Sweet Soca Music”


Keynote Speaker: U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree 

Following an introduction from SLG Member Madison, Congresswoman Pingree shares her support for Arts Education in Maine and speaks about the current work being done at the federal level to support arts education, including the “Arts Education for All Act.”

Click Here To Learn More About The “Arts Education for All Act” 

Click Here To Follow The “Arts Education for All Act” In Congress 


Call To Action & Session Wrap Up

Maine students need equitable access to arts education, now more than ever. Learn how arts education allies can use questions and an “Adaptive Action Cycle” to identify one thing that they can do to continue their advocacy beyond “Arts In Our Schools Month.”   Thank you to the presenters, panelists, performers, and “Arts Are Basic Coalition” members that made this week possible!


Thank You To Cory, Shannon, Melissa, And All Participants For An Engaging & Thought Provoking Session!

We explored the topic of prepositions through photography, theater, and music!  It definitely helped us all to make new connections and find new perspectives in our learning.  


Check out the screenshots from the photography section of the session below.




Thank You To All The Participants For The Delightful Dinner Conversation!


Appetizer Course:

“Would You Rather?” Arts Education Edition


“Maine” Course:

What Is Our Takeaway About Arts Education In Maine After This Week Of Learning With And From Each Other?


Dessert Course:

How Can MAAE And The ABC Support Arts Education Allies In Maine Beyond March?